Youth Heroes: Moroccan Association to Promote Volunteerism

By Omar AlloucheKsar el Kebir – Do you believe youth can’t be heroes? If you say no, then you don’t know Hero Family, an association of Moroccan youth, created January 9, 2015. It now has more than 35,000 youth members throughout Morocco. The goals of the group are to promote volunteerism among Moroccan youth, help people, raise funds and develop support for society. A little girl’s sick heart started the whole idea of Hero Family. She needed an operation, but it was very expensive and her parents could not afford to pay for it. Hero Family asked for donations to help the little girl on Facebook.The leader of the association, in Ksar el Kebir, said about this first project, “we collected money, but it wasn’t enough for the operation, so we went to Moroccan artist’s houses knocking on their doors and asking them for donations . . . Saad Imajarred volunteered to help the little girl.”Because the project to raise money for the little girl was successful, a Facebook group was created to share future visions of its members ( Already, in Ramadan, they gave breakfast to poor people and for Eid they bought new clothes and sheep for moneyless families. Also in wintertime, they handed out clothes to homeless people.Each city has its own leader responsible for volunteer projects and many projects are planned for the future. If you are interested in following these activities or even helping, please visit the Facebook page.Photo credit: Omar Allouche read more