Agriculture Plan Cultivates Homegrown Success

first_imgA new plan will make Nova Scotia’s agriculture industry more competitive, innovative and profitable. Agriculture Minister John MacDonell unveiled the 10-year plan, Homegrown Success, today, Nov. 25. It outlines a broad approach for the growth of Nova Scotia’s agriculture industry. It focuses on creating business opportunities in high-value areas, innovation, building the Nova Scotia brand, connecting businesses with potential partners abroad and helping farmers generate greater profits from the marketplace. “This is a call for all Nova Scotians to support the agriculture industry,” said Mr. MacDonell. “While this fulfills an important commitment for government, we all share the responsibility for making agriculture a profitable, competitive and self-reliant industry that will ensure our long-term prosperity.” It is part of the government’s jobsHere plan to create good jobs and grow the economy. Homegrown Success looks at economic, environmental and social trends in Nova Scotia and around the world, and how they impact our agriculture industry. The report outlines how the province’s natural features, geographic location, expertise in research and development, and natural leadership abilities can be used to grow the agriculture industry. “I believe the key to long-term success in agriculture is our ability to be innovative and adapt to the changing marketplace,” said Mr. MacDonell. Homegrown Success contains a number of objectives and outcomes that government and industry will work together to achieve. The Homegrown Success plan is available at read more

DKB Bundesliga Goppingen beat Kiel – Flensburg joins championship race

7SC Magdeburg2513111727 – 6982927 Fantastic Wednesday in DKB Bundesliga. THW Kiel suffered defeat in EWS Arena in Goppingen in front of 5600 domestic fans – 33:29 (21:13). Once again Slovenian goalkeeper, Primoz Prost was outstanding with 21 saves. Frisch Auf Göppingen:Rutschmann (), Prost (1.-60., 21/1 saves); Kneule, Oprea (3), Schöne (2), Späth (4), Beljanski, Zöller, Haaß (3), Fontaine, Rnic (7/4), Schubert, Horak (8), Markovic (6); Trainer: Petkovic THW Kiel:Omeyer (1.-41., 8 saves), Palicka (41.-60., 6/1 saves); Toft Hansen (4), Sigurdsson (2), Sprenger, Ahlm (1), Wiencek (n.e.), Ekberg (1), Zeitz (4), Palmarsson (5), Ilic (5/3), Jicha (4), Vujin (3/1); Trainer: Gislason 12TuS-N-Lubbecke249213678 – 687-920 3SG Flensburg-Handewitt241833743 – 61612739 6HSV Hamburg231535698 – 6326633 SG Flensburg is now in the championship battle after win over Rhein Neckar Lowen 30:27.SG Flensburg-Handewitt – Rhein-Neckar Löwen 30:27 (16:16)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (18 saves), Rudeck () – Karlsson, Eggert (10/7), Glandorf (5), Mogensen (4), Svan Hansen (1), Weinhold (3), Heinl (4), Gustafsson (2), Kaufmann (1), KnudsenRhein-Neckar Löwen: Landin (3 saves), Stojanovic (9 odbrana) – Schmid (4/4), Roggisch, Sesum (2), I. Guardiola, Sigurmannsson (4), Myrhol (5), Groetzki (6), G. Guardiola, Petersson (6), BlitzFUCHSE BERLIN – GROSSWALLSTADT 30:21SC MAGDEBURG – TBV LEMGO 27:24STANDING: 16TV Neuhausen245118628 – 740-11211 15GWD Minden244317631 – 724-9311 2Rhein-Neckar-Lowen251933700 – 6316941 8TBV Lemgo2512112685 – 691-625 5TSV Hannover-Burgdorf241626726 – 6992734 18Tusem Essen242220604 – 750-1466 dkb bundesligaRhein Neckar LowenSG Flensburgthe best handball leagueTHW Kiel 1THW Kiel252113829 – 65317643 ← Previous Story Momir Ilic about his future: Barca, RNL or Veszprem Next Story → Katarina Tomasevic joins Nantes Loire Atlantique HB 13Balingen-Weilsteten249213678 – 708-3020 4Füchse Berlin251735730 – 6577337 17TV Grosswallstadt253121614 – 702-887 11HSG Wetzlar2411211689 – 692-324 10MT Melsungen2410410672 – 674-224 9FA Goppingen2511212714 – 6892524 14VfL Gummersbach245217628 – 731-10312 read more