Agriculture Plan Cultivates Homegrown Success

first_imgA new plan will make Nova Scotia’s agriculture industry more competitive, innovative and profitable. Agriculture Minister John MacDonell unveiled the 10-year plan, Homegrown Success, today, Nov. 25. It outlines a broad approach for the growth of Nova Scotia’s agriculture industry. It focuses on creating business opportunities in high-value areas, innovation, building the Nova Scotia brand, connecting businesses with potential partners abroad and helping farmers generate greater profits from the marketplace. “This is a call for all Nova Scotians to support the agriculture industry,” said Mr. MacDonell. “While this fulfills an important commitment for government, we all share the responsibility for making agriculture a profitable, competitive and self-reliant industry that will ensure our long-term prosperity.” It is part of the government’s jobsHere plan to create good jobs and grow the economy. Homegrown Success looks at economic, environmental and social trends in Nova Scotia and around the world, and how they impact our agriculture industry. The report outlines how the province’s natural features, geographic location, expertise in research and development, and natural leadership abilities can be used to grow the agriculture industry. “I believe the key to long-term success in agriculture is our ability to be innovative and adapt to the changing marketplace,” said Mr. MacDonell. Homegrown Success contains a number of objectives and outcomes that government and industry will work together to achieve. The Homegrown Success plan is available at read more