Up to 2,500 Moroccans Fighting for ISIS: Interpol

Rabat – Interpol claim of the 25,000 jihadists who have joined ISIS in  Syria and Iraq between 2000 and 2500 are Moroccans, according to figures released by the international police organization.The figures were released in accordance with a recent meeting held by the Interpol’s Foreign Terrorist Fighters Working Group in Seville, Spain.The figures, recently updated by the security organization, are in line with earlier figures published at the beginning of the year which cited the same amount of Moroccan jihadists. The institution conducted a census of 25,000 terrorists who joined the war in Iraq and Syria. Where it was recorded between 2,000 and 2,500 Moroccans or Moroccan-born jihadist, according to the daily “Assabah”.The Arabic-language paper said that the figures supplied by Interpol relate to a total of 50 countries around the world.Moroccans represent about 10 per cent of total committed terrorists in the Middle East. The investigators also managed to identify more than 5,800 terrorist identities.Moroccan authorities have dismantled more than 15 terrorist cells this year. read more