Bontrager Releases “Fastest” Road Tire Ever

first_imgBontrager has released their new Race X Lite Aero TT tire, specially designed with a unique wing design to improve airflow over the tire-rim surface and reduce speed-sucking turbulence. The dual compound silica/carbon blend claims to provide “incredible performance and longevity.”At 17 mph (with a 10mph headwind) it starts to shave seconds off your ride compared to the next best-in-class tire, to the tune of:6.37 seconds in a 10k time trial31 seconds in a 40k time trial183 seconds (more than 3 minutes) during an Ironman cycling leg.This translates into quicker time trials, more energy after the cycling stage of a triathlon or your fastest commute ever.Click on the image to enlarge for detail, or read “more” to see sizes, pricing and some fancy science charts…Available in Clincher only for fast riders like you in the following sizes:650 x 23 (180g)700 x 19 (180g)700 x 23 (195g)700 x 25 (200g)All tires have Aramid beads with 120 TPI casings and MSRP for $59.99.  Here’s why they say it’s the fastest:If you’re the super-human type that can hold upwards of 27mph, then perhaps the Michelin ProRace may offer you a slight advantage.  For the rest of us, the Bontrager takes the lead.  Note the testing scenario…this is for a headwind angle of only 0º to 10º, meaning it’s either a calm day and you’re creating the wind over the tires purely by pedaling, or the wind is coming straight at you.The orange fuzzy stuff is presumably the air turbulence caused by other tires at the rim’s edge, whereas the Bonty forms a nice smooth edge for the wind to slip around.What’s not disclosed about the test, though, is what type of rim was used, leaving one to ponder whether there would be a significant change in the advantage from a deep “V” aero rim versus a standard rim.last_img read more