Manifestation: A step towards dream life

first_imgI want to live my dream life. But How ??Everyone wants to turn their dream life into reality. But many of you don’t know how to do it, don’t know how to accomplish goals and how to start.Have you ever heard about the LAW OF MANIFESTATION ??Yes, manifestation exists and it actually works.You take it wrong because most of you don’t understand the actual meaning of manifestation. To Manifest something is to make it happen. Manifestation is all about focusing on what you desire and attracting it through what you THINK, SAY and DO. It is all about how you can control your entire external world just with thought.Yes, you heard it right.You can become what you think about.Still, confused and in doubt?Let’s understand this with a real-life example.At first, I was also like it’s just not possible and then I tried and my life has changed. I made a goal card that I have to start doing productive work, become more active, have an amazing network of people, come out of my comfort zone, start blogging and a few more short-term goals.The goal card reads out, “I am so happy and grateful that I have achieved my 5 short-term goals by December 2020 and I am proud of myself.” This goal statement was the first thing I used to think about when I wake up and the last thing before I went to bed. Every time I felt that I have achieved it. I was living in a world where I had already achieved my target and short term goals. In my head, I was already at it because I had a belief in it. And thus, I literally with my thoughts crafted my reality, where I am right now.Isn’t this a magical philosophy? As you read, just remember, You must become what you think about.It’s a law, whatever vibes you give to the universe it’s going to give back you. You don’t need to hold a specific set of belief Instead; you need to believe in your own ability.But here the question arises:- How to believe in yourself?How to turn these dreams into reality?How to attract what I want?For that one needs to take physical steps as well. Sooner you take action the sooner things will begin to Manifest. And this won’t happen, until you take actions, manifestation cannot happen if you are just sitting around and thinking on dreams.The choice for a better life is always yours. Always remember that you can have anything you want in your life because whatever you desire is already waiting for you.So here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to turn your dream life into reality:-• BELIEVE IN YOURSELFStart believing in yourself, your abilities and capabilities. I AM, these are the two powerful words to Manifest. Always believe that I am, I can and I will. Trust the process and keep doing.• CREATE A PLAN AND TAKE ACTIONAction, that’s what matters the most. You cannot just visualize and eat a burger. Visualization will make you feel better. It works and will happen only if you work hard to achieve it.If not now, then when??If you have created a plan then take action.• Write your goals whether short-term/long-term.• Tell yourself and everyone, about what you intend to accomplish.• Do something each day to reach a step closer to your goal.• Take feedback and work on it.• Introspection is a must.• Keep reminding yourself about the outcomes you desire.• FOCUS ON THE POSITIVEHave you ever heard about the law of attraction?This is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. You attract what you give. It’s the belief that positive thoughts bring positive experiences into a person’s life. So don’t let fear, worry, anxiety to limit your positive belief.Ever happened that you are thinking about a friend of yours and that person called you the same day ??This is how people experience the law of attraction and take it as a coincidence.• VISUALIZATIONVisualize what you want. This helps the brain to get trained. To enhance motivation and to increase confidence focus on what you desire, regardless of the fact that it may not be your current reality.This is the great secret of success.• STAY HUMBLE AND GRATEFULStaying humble help to get better work performance. Always be grateful for what you get.Always be thankful for all the hard work you have done, to the universe and the people who have helped you to meet all the goals. Be grateful for the opportunities you have and for that which you will receive in the future.Sit, calm down and relax your mind and do have a long and deep conversation with yourself to brainstorm and introspect you believes and keep upgrading them with time.ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND BE PREPARED TO WORK HARD AND GET IT.last_img read more

Senior Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

first_imgPurdue University is currently searching for a Senior Director,Counseling and Psychological Services. This leader will providestrategic leadership for Counseling and Psychological Services(CAPS), including clinical services, psychiatry, professionaltraining, as well as outreach and education components of acomprehensive counseling and psychological services organizationfor all students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional). Thisrole will provide leadership in implementing innovation of serviceand delivery methods to respond to changing needs of students andthe community. Responsibilities also include Formulating,organizing, and administering policy for all phases of CAPSoperations, including the structure of services, personnelselection, supervision and evaluation, budgetary functions,clinical record retention and maintenance, and mental healthinsurance. Ensures the CAPS team provides direct services tostudents, including crisis intervention, consultation, assessment,individual and group therapy, case management, and referral whilefocused on addressing a diverse student population’s needs. Developlong and short-range objectives and metrics consistent with CAPSstrategic plan. Supervise clinical staff and conducts groupoutreach to student groups, new students, parents, and otherworkshop presentations. Coordinate the development andimplementation of a promotion and marketing plan for CAPS servicesand programs, including the development of on-line resources,technology enhancements, and website. Enhance relationships andfoster partnerships with a broad base of campus and communitystakeholders that result in improved delivery of services andprograms that benefit students with a broad focus on mentalwellness and wellbeing. Conduct outreach and consultation asappropriate.Collaborate with Student Life, Purdue University Student HealthCenter (PUSH), Recreation and Wellness, Colleges/Schools, and otherfaculty and staff to develop and deliver services for theUniversity community. Create and maintain a student-centeredenvironment at CAPS that embrace forward-thinking strategies toanticipate and meet the mental health and wellbeing needs of adiverse student community.About the Division:Student Life fosters student success through learningopportunities inside and outside of the classroom. We focus onco-curricular education and leadership development as integralparts of the Purdue experience. In collaboration with ourcolleagues across campus, we challenge students, faculty, and staffto explore the value of working and learning together as leaders inour local communities and our global society.About Purdue University:At Purdue University, we never stop in our persistent pursuit ofthe next giant leap.Together, in this community, we are dedicated to providing aneducation that’s built on respect and fosters learning. We engagein world-changing research to deliver innovation. And we create anenvironment of inclusion and a culture of hard work that helpsbuild balance and growth. We are here to develop practicalsolutions to the toughest challenges we face today, so that we canbuild a better world together.This is the kind of place where big things are accomplished. Wekeep going to show the world what’s possible.Founded in 1869 in West Lafayette, Indiana, the universityproudly serves its state as well as the nation and the world.Academically, Purdue’s role as a major research institution issupported by top-ranking disciplines in pharmacy, business,engineering and agriculture. More than 39,000 students are enrolledhere. All 50 states and 130 countries are represented. Add about850 student organizations and Big Ten Boilermaker athletics, andyou get a college atmosphere that’s without rival.Take one small step and apply today to join a nationallyrenowned university with a robust benefits package and a commitmentto work/life balance.Required:Ph.D. or Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)Six years of experience with demonstrated administrative andleadership experienceMust be licensed, or immediately license eligibility as apsychologist in the State of IndianaStrong generalist therapy skillsAbility to evaluate and diagnose clientsConfidentiality and adherence to ethical practicesAbility to manage clinical practitioners, a large complexdepartment, and budget.Ability to direct activities and develop strategies to achieveimpactful resultsAbility to develop innovative processes and systems usingsignificant conceptualization, reasoning, and interpretationskillAbility to communicate with diverse populations, students,departments, and constituentsAbility to influence and persuade others to accept newconcepts, practices, and approachesPreferred:Experience in university counseling centersApplication Instructions andTimeline Confidential nominations and applications will be accepted untilthe position is filled. Review of applications will begin April 5,2021. Nominations and confidential questions regarding the positionshould be submitted to Stephanie Ferguson, Executive RecruiterPurdue University Human Resources, at [email protected] or MicheleFlemming, Executive Recruiter Purdue University Human Resources, [email protected] submit applications to A background check will be required for employment in thisposition.Purdue University is an EOE/AA employer. All individuals,including minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, andveterans are encouraged to apply.last_img read more

The age of reason

first_imgThe Lancet Journal published a report recently stating that over the next 10 years the overall population of the UK will increase by around 5%, but the number of people aged 75 years and older will increase by 16% – that’s an additional 800,000 people over the age of 75. A staggering statistic in its own right, but even more significant when you consider that in the same period the number of 21 to 60 year olds (the most economically active group) is forecast to fall by over a million and the number of under 18s is also set to grow by ¾ million.Let’s stop and have a think about that for a moment. 1m fewer economically active people and 1.5m more under 18s and over 75s. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out the pressure this will put on the economy in general, residential markets, our healthcare, our education provision and our social infrastructure.The UK is an advanced economy, we are proud of our history, our welfare “safety-net,” our great educational institutions and the NHS. Yet we all know things are creaking at their seams. As the NHS presently struggles to avoid bankruptcy and in the shadow of the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower, how will the shaky minority government, swamped with Brexit negotiations, cope with this massive demographic change?Is the NHS geared up to deal with the sheer numbers and do we need a totally new approach to housing? How do we accommodate an additional two million over 65s living in our communities, when many are already living in inefficient properties not fit for purpose as residents grow older, unable to afford to modernise, or adapt to their changing physical and mental wellbeing? And how do we create or free-up appropriate, affordable, housing for the families with young children at the other end of the housing spectrum.Let’s add into the mix the estimated tens of thousands of pensioners who might head home from European shores post Brexit, needing to relocate as they find they can no longer access free healthcare. And of course, let’s not forget the consequential £ 500 million that it is estimated their healthcare might cost.The ticking time bomb of our demographic is the single biggest issue that we have to address as a nation. It goes far deeper than property and for once, isn’t just about money. It’s about ownership, planning, responsibility …..and money.So where does the responsibility lie?In hospitals across the country we see short-term care wards effectively having become hotel rooms occupied by those too vulnerable to be at home, but well enough not to be in hospital. In the residential sector, we watch as older people struggle on in inappropriate housing, not out of choice, but because they are either too frail to make a move, or there is nowhere else for them to go. This in turn puts greater pressure on the limited social care resources, and inappropriate home-care leads to much greater levels of hospital re-admissions – a terrible vicious circle. And the social care providers are staffed with large numbers of EU migrants, so when we leave the EU the pressure on this system may increase further.Of course anyone over the age of 18 is an adult, and so the primary responsibility for the aging population, as with any other capable adult, is themselves! But in truth, as a society we provide different levels of support to different groups. State-funded sure-start, nursery places and schools provide a back-bone of support for young people, universities provide accommodation and pastoral care for students, employers provide support structures for their staff, and the welfare state provides a basic safety net for everyone.But what happens to the older population? Where do they turn when they don’t need a safety net, but they simply don’t know what the options are or what they might be able to do?All sides around the political table talk about the “ageing population” yet no-one seems to have answers. So what about:Government funding maintenance and adaptations to improve the properties lived in by older people, thus reducing their fuel consumption, rather than providing a winter fuel allowance.In local authority plans, giving the same priority to housing for older people as starter homes and family housing – make it a compulsory element of all significant residential developments.Embracing the internet and digital technology to properly plan and co-ordinate the care, medical and housing needs of people across all agencies.Constructing purpose-built housing aimed at older people which caters for their needs and aspirations and is of a decent size. Make it somewhere people want to live, rather than where they go to prepare to die!Wouldn’t this be a better longer term solution for our UK residential estate as well as keeping the people out of hospital beds, therefore reducing the pressure on the NHS?Thinking more laterally and looking across the waters to global solutions might be another good place to start. With RLB offices around the world, we share best practice and look to Sweden, where co-operative living for the over 65s is being embraced or Holland where there are innovative developments for dementia care.In North America, where there is a general acceptance that if you want some-thing you pay for it, those fortunate enough to own property actively down-size, moving into smaller properties and retirement villages, to give themselves purpose built housing and greater financial security in their later years.Perhaps the most obvious solution of all is to really focus on new-build, off-site manufactured housing for “last-time buyers”. There is a build-up of momentum for off-site manufacture, but there are still major problems in terms of standardisation, mortgageability and guaranteed pipeline for manufacturers. The needs of this smaller sub-set of residents is more easy to define than the whole population and so it should be possible to produce a broad set of standard layouts, older buyers tend to be either mortgage-free or live in social rented accommodation, so lending restraints are not such a problem, and we are all living longer, so the pipeline of work must be there. Bingo!There is no simple solution to the effects of an ageing population. However, there are definitely different ways of looking at the reality we face and coming up with solutions that really are patient-resident-client centric. The political leaders that realise this will be the ones that really make a difference to all our lives, from the cradle to the grave.Ann Bentley, global chair of Rider Levett Bucknalllast_img read more

Kenai Safeway Undergoing Remodel And Downsizing

first_imgThe store will remain open while it’s under construction and will be completed in June 2018. According to Sara Osborne, with Safeway Corporate office, the remodel plans involve demising the space to bring the Oaken Keg into the new 60,000 square foot premises, as well as relocating departments. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Safeway store in Kenai will be undergoing a remodel that will ‘significantly’ downsize the store. According to a release from Alaska USA, as a result of the remodel, the Alaska USA branch located inside Safeway will be closing permanently at 7:00 p.m. on January 31, 2018. Albertsons Companies will be investesting $5.7 million into the remodel, that will also include updated décor and equipment throughout the store, including a new Starbucks kiosk.center_img Alaska USA emailed out a notice to bank members making them aware about the upcoming branch closure and Safeway downsize. The Alaska USA ATM currently located at the branch will be relocated elsewhere in the Safeway store. Story as aired:last_img read more