Smashing the glass ceiling

first_img“TEACH YOUR DAUGHTERS TO WORRY LESS ABOUT FITTING INTO GLASS SLIPPERS AND MORE ABOUT SHATTERING GLASS CEILINGS”.Many of the readers might be confused using the metaphor ‘GLASS CEILING’. So, let me first spell out the meaning of this word. So, it is a metaphor used to represent an invisible but real barrier which prevents women from advancing in their profession.Over the past 30-40 years, women have achieved formidable success in the workplace. But it is rare to spot women holding elite positions in the corporate world. However there have been a few ladies who have smashed this unacknowledged barrier and have attained such nonpareil positions such as – CHANDNA KOCHHAR, the former MD and CEO of ICICI Bank; ROOPA KUDVA, the MD of Omidyar Network India Advisors and Omidyar Network Partner. Yet the number remains quite low. Despite, such women showcasing their adept talents, women are still dominated and supposed to be lower in comparison to their men counterparts in terms of competency and commitment.Stereotypes, myths and preconceptions still block women from advancing up the corporate ladder. Women still encounter difficulty in reaching the top-notch positions, attaining a certain level and then hitting the glass ceiling.In my opinion, the major stumbling block to the road of success in women’s life is the lack of adequate education, training and experience. Though today women make up nearly half of the labour force, they tend to be at lower levels and in less vital areas. Apart from these basic and obvious snags, the male chauvinistic society also holds back the women from climbing up the ladder and break the glass ceiling. They fear that women will start earning equal or more than them and may start suppressing them.But the male population doesn’t understand that if a woman can well manage all the household expenditures in a stipulated budget and still fulfil all the demands and requirements of the members then if given a chance to hold such aristocrat jobs, how high the profitability chart of the concerned organization will go? Among the other reasons, often the family to diverts the women from their career need in the name of bringing up their children and keeping the families close. To exemplify let us talk about our Finance Minister MRS. NIRMALA SITARAMAN. During her tenure as the defence minister, she did her job with the utmost honesty and devotion ad did her best to uphold the integrity of our nation. Along with performing her duties towards the nation, she never failed as a mother, as a wife, or in any other relation of hers. She set a benchmark not only for the female but for the male leaders too. So, if the government is providing the ladies with such opportunities and helping them to break the old and rotten stereotypes, then why can’t the corporate world just help the women to shatter the glass ceiling?However, today with the advancement of the economy and the changing attitudes of the society, a few companies are giving women the hammer to break the ceiling and emerge out and spread their wings and fly high. Like the renounced computer company HEWLETT-PACKARD provide their women employees with the opportunity to crash through the invisible barriers. CARLETON FIORINA recently became the CEO of this computer making giant. In some public meeting, encouraging her gender, she said: “MY GENDER IS INTERESTING, BUT IT IS NOT THE STORY HERE”.Equal rights have been a battle for women for many years. Affirmative actions must be taken by the companies to increase the number and improve the rank of female workers. Even now women don’t wait for the chance to make it to the top, instead, they are taking what they have learned and leaving their current positions to start their own business ventures. Like the famous online lingerie retailer of India ZIVAME is founded and run by RICHA KAR, an able woman. ANISHA SINGH, another woman entrepreneur, runs a very famous online shopping platform MyDala.So, to succeed, the companies must break these unacknowledged ceilings. Women also must empower themselves and learn to create their own opportunities and that their full potential can be noticed. As now the ratio of women in management continues to rise, more companies may find that when they reach into their pool for their next executive, the best person for the job may be a WOMAN!!VIEWS EXPRESSED ARE PERSONAL!!last_img read more

Darbhanga Diaries : Part 2 Why We The women are always on a guilt trip?

first_imgOh! The alarm snoozed, shit I am 15 minutes late again. What will happen to my schedule? I have to rearrange everything accordingly. Shit and double shit!This is the most common scenario in my home on most days and I guess in many other houses too. When you are working from home, you have to plan your day in detail, so you could get some time to actually do the work you are getting paid for. But God forbid if you wake up 15 minutes late, the thoughts erupt in your head like a volcano and you start rearranging your schedule like anything. But wait and look outside the window, isn’t the day is beautiful.Oh, I got sidetracked. So as I stated earlier, its one of the most common scenario in most of the home. But once you start working outside, you don’t even have such liberty to rearrange or accommodate those lost 15 minutes, you just have to leave everything as it is and run out on fixed time. And then you wish for those extra two hands which your kids presume you already have.Then comes the eating alone guilt, if you eat one chocolate or any of the kids favourite snack, you have to feel guilty for sure or you are not a good mother. If you can’t sacrifice your part of chocolate or anything you love to eat if you do not distribute your portion to kids, you are surely going to be frowned upon by other people and they will make sure to recite their sacrifices to make you feel guilty.No matter whether you earn and spend your hard-earned money, you have to feel guilty for not considering your family before you and your needs and desires.I think in general you have to feel guilty for your mere existence because women are supposed to be ‘goddess of sacrifice’ not ‘goddess of desire’. And on top of it if you have your own opinion and you dare to speak it aloud you are doomed to feel guilty by people’s stare and whispers behind you all the time. If you are out with your friends or studying further you can’t even imagine the level of guilt you will feel about ignoring your responsibility or thinking about yourself all the time.And when you will learn to live with all this guilt for not being a responsible wife, responsible mother, responsible daughter in law, someone will point out that you were a troubled child and not an obedient daughter. Sigh, one more thing to feel guilty about.So, with all this rant I am started feeling guilty again for being so whining and not thankful enough that people at least accepted me with all my flaws and putting up with me. So I am going to my guilty zone again, you stop feeling guilty for being judgemental all the time and yes you are free to judge me and form an opinion. You can even share with me. I am all ears.See, I am finally turning into the meek, timid women society wants me to be.last_img read more