Live Life …Just Don’t Exist

first_imgActually, this thought comes from inside…because everyone has their own perspective towards life and own ways to cherish it. But every time you will find people around you who are just a burden on Earth and dragging themselves. This is not correct and should not be done. We all are definitely mortal. So why just not live life fully and make the most out of it. Most of the people just live because they have got no other option left! People get stuck in a situation and try to run away by blaming it. But just remember one little phrase “if there’s a problem there’s a solution.” Just keep this thought in mind and conquer the situation with all your heart. Learn a lesson from it and apply it in other situations of life. We all have a hidden talent in us just find it and use it to help other people in society. Because this is the BEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR EXISTENCE WORTH. “The world wants what you got.” Be a helping hand, live yourself, explore every possible thing in this world and yet be kind to the society and be an Irony to the rest of the youth. At last, I would like to say just one thing: life has no rules, except that once you have made…break all the old rules and create new rules that allow you to live happily and serve the mankind peacefully. If not at the end you will regret your own existence.last_img read more