Casteism in India , the real villain

first_imgComrade Nallakannu is a senior communist leader in Tamil Nadu. He is known for his simple way of life.    He, unable to digest what is happening in the political arena  including his own communist party, has  expressed a desire that the communist parties (CPI and CPM).should come together to change the political discourse  in India. But this is most unlikely to happen.There is no big ideological difference between the two communist parties. But still they are not unable to see eye to eye. Why? In my opinion it is mainly because of their casteist mind-set.  The problem with all political parties including the communist parties is the casteist divide among the so called  leaders as well as  the cadres. This basic truth  is not brought to light by any forum including the print and visual media. Rather it is wrapped under the carpet as if everything is fine in the political sphere.Not only politics,  most of  the other problems such as poverty, illiteracy etc. that India face   has casteism as the root cause.No political party  bothers to ponder over this tragic truth because it is perceived to go against its interest. Long term benefits are not the goal of political parties but only some immediate gains.As long as casteism rules the roost there is no salvation for India. We will never see the silver lining.last_img read more