Director of Physical Resources

first_imgEXPECTATIONS AND NATURE OF THE POSITIONThe primary responsibility of the Director of Physical Resourcesis leadership and professional oversight of the physical resourcesof the College including campus master planning, capitalconstruction, major maintenance, plant heating/cooling,transportation, grounds, facility and custodial maintenance. Theincumbent is responsible for planning, budgeting, organizing, anddirecting the operations of the physical plant, as well asperforming “hands on” training and labor as necessary.It is expected that this individual will discharge assignedduties in an efficient, effective, and competent manner and willstrive for improvement and excellence in all work performed.Moreover, it is expected that this individual will seek to gain athorough understanding and acceptance of the comprehensive role ofthe community college, cooperate and build a team to workharmoniously with College personnel and the community.PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR WHICH THIS INDIVIDUAL IS ACCOUNTABLE1. Lead the department by creating a collaborative andparticipative team environment whereby all staff support themission, vision and guiding principles of the College. Thisincludes developing and administering best practices in facilitiesmanagement, establishing an efficient and effective organizationalstructure, identifying the most effective staffing needs,developing relevant objectives and measures of performance, andpracticing a leadership style which builds beneficial andproductive relationships within the Physical Resourcesdepartment.2. Develop and execute a comprehensive Preventative Maintenanceprogram aimed at maintaining and improving facility condition whileavoiding costly emergency projects and repairs, and prioritizingmission critical facility renewal projects and activities.3. Develop and manage the department’s annual budget foroperating, renewal, and replacement programs.4. Initiate, organize and recommend short- and long-term plansfor capital improvements, landscape, and major repair and/orreconstruction programs to preserve and enhance the College. Thisincludes periodic updating of the Campus Master Plan as needed andcontinuously evaluating facility condition and functionality formeeting program expectations.5. Develops and conducts in service training programs forphysical plant personnel to enhance employee job skills, improvemorale, and increase efficiency and productivity.6. Periodically inspects all College physical facilities toensure that said facilities are being properly maintained, thatregulating apparatus are properly functioning, that new renovationor construction activities are progressing adequately, and that allappropriate policies governing physical facilities are beingfollowed.7. Manage contracts with architects, engineers, and otherconsultants in the planning and development of new construction and/ or the refurbishment of existing facilities. Supervise newconstruction work and other contracted projects to assure thatfacilities are constructed in accordance with current buildingcodes, contract specifications, compatibility with the College’sprograms and mission, and completion on schedule and withinbudget.Other Duties1. Promote a culture of safety and environmental protection byworking in a safe manner, immediately reporting unsafe situationsand accidents, following college procedures, and participating inappropriate safety training.2. Demonstrate environmental sustainability by using collegeresources wisely and developing college-wide sustainabilityinitiatives and innovations.3. Participates in and/or coordinates campus teams overseeingsafety, security, and emergency preparedness of all thecampuses.4. Oversees maintenance or construction work as necessary on anyphysical plant facility to ensure the timely and proper completionof same.5. Performs other duties as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge, Abilities,Education and Experience)1. Graduation from an accredited college or university with aBachelor’s Degree in project management, business management,industrial maintenance, engineering, or a related field.2. Must have an extensive knowledge with a minimum of 5 years ofexperience in HVAC, electrical, mechanical, structural andsite sub systems of a multi million-dollar physical plant.3. Three years of successful supervisory/management experienceincluding effectively organizing, planning, team building, andmanaging the physical resources of a medium-sized community collegecampus.4. Experience managing new construction, renovation, or repairprojects including innovative problem solving, strategic thinking,project management and communication skills.5. Must possess the ability to foster collaboration and workeffectively within the organization and the neighboring communitywhile embodying a strong commitment to stakeholders.6. Must have the ability to work effectively and energeticallywith all college constituencies and with the neighboringcommunity.7. Ability to obtain a Wyoming Class C Driver’s License and bean approved driver by the College.EquivalencyFor those candidates who do not exactly meet all minimumqualifications, an equivalent combination of education andexperience which has provided comparable knowledge and abilitieswill be acceptable.PREFERRED ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge,Abilities, Education and Experience)1. Graduation from an accredited college or university with aMaster’s Degree in business administration, industrial maintenance,engineering or a related field.2. Previous related work experience on a college campus.Western Wyoming Community College does not discriminate on thebasis of race, color, national origin, marital status, sexualpreference, sex, religion, political belief, veteran status, age,or disability in admission or access to, or treatment, orparticipation in or employment in its educational programs oractivities. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and Institution(EOE/EOI).Western Wyoming Community College prohibits sexual misconduct,harassment and discrimination in accordance with the EducationalAmendments of 1972 commonly known as Title IX. This policy can bereviewed at read more