Zynga launches standalone social gaming portal Zynga Direct

first_imgUnless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Zynga before. They’re the folks who developed Farmville and Cityville and flooded millions of Facebook walls with updates about digital livestock and imaginary municipalities.Their viral Facebook gaming hits turned Zynga into a force to be reckoned with and drove the company’s revenues to nearly $100 million in 2010. With 250 million users, Zynga’s games generate enough traffic to power their own independent gaming site — and that’s exactly what the company has announced it’s doing.Called Zynga Direct, the new platform will enable Zynga to — you guessed it — connect directly with its quarter billion players. With Zynga games now available on Facebook, Google+, and mobile platforms, Zynga Direct will provide a centralized location where players can head when they want to immerse themselves in the gaming experience.Zynga has branched out before, of course, with the launch of Farmville.com and Zynga City in China. It’s not yet known which titles will be made available on Zynga Direct, but what is known is that Facebook probably isn’t going to be too upset about the launch. Sure, there’s the potential of losing a few million page views as Facebook gamers head off — but Zynga Direct will still utilize Facebook accounts to log in users.That means the service will tap into your graph, so Facebook wins no matter where a user decides to play. In that sense, the launch is great news for Facebook — since it’s one more massive site that extends its reach and yet another incentive to encourage the few remaining internet users who don’t yet have a Facebook account to sign up for one.More at VentureBeatlast_img read more