Duo arrested for 2 separate murders

first_imgRanks of the Guyana Police Force on Thursday arrested two suspects wanted for two separate murders committed within the last two years.The duo, Leroy Ignacia and Orin Paul called “Ants” were arrested at locations in Police F (Interior Locations) and E (Linden/Kwakwani) divisions on Thursday morning.Ignacia was wanted for the May 5, 2016, murder of Eric Angel at Black Water, Upper Cuyuni, Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni). Angel was stabbed and killed by his accomplice during an attempted robbery on a Brazillian shop owner.According to reports, two armed bandits attempted to rob a Brazilian shop owner; however the man put up a fight and during the scuffle one of the bandits accidentally stabbed his accomplice in the abdomen before escaping.Angel of Number 10 Village, West Coast Berbice, was identified as a former member of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU).Meanwhile, Paul was wanted for the murder of Terrence James on April 04, 2014 at Lethem, Region Nine (Upper Takatu-Upper Essequibo). James, 23, of Kwatamang Village, Rupununi, was found with stab wounds along the Tabatinga roadway.It is believed that the man might have attended the rodeo at Lethem and was on his way home when he was attacked and stabbed to the chest.According to Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan, the arrests of these two murder suspects come in light of ranks in the respective Divisions working feverishly to reduce the number of unsolved murder cases.last_img read more

2nd juvenile escapee recaptured

first_imgThe second of three juvenile escapees who fled the Sophia Juvenile Holding Centre over the weekend has been recaptured while the other is still on the run.On Sunday, Acting Commander of ‘A’ Division, Marlon Chapman told Guyana Times that escapee number two was found in Berbice, Region 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne) just one day after the other accomplice had been nabbed in Rose Hall, Corentyne .While security at the facility is said to be “quite secure”, an insider suggested that more measures need to be employed in light of the breakout. Meanwhile, this newspaper understands that the police are “close” to capturing the final escapee.The hole in the wall via which the three young men made their brazen escape on SaturdayThe three teens were taken to the facility on Friday after they had been transported from Essequibo and Berbice. Two of the lads were reportedly charged with break and enter offences and one was arraigned for robbery.Guyana Times reported in its Sunday edition that the three young men had opened a hole in the wall of the lower flat of the holding centre and made their escape through it by scaling the security fence.Police on Saturday confirmed that the first recaptured juvenile was a resident of Adventure, Essequibo Coast, who was on remand for robbery under arms. When Guyana Times visited the scene on Saturday, the managers were unavailable to give an official comment. However, at that time, several children were seen in the compound of the correctional institution.Additionally, there were also several Police officers were stationed at the centre monitoring the events that unfolded.When contacted acting Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine explained that the Police were making “every effort” to recapture the escapees. Police in all districts are still on alert to recapture the third young man.The juvenile facility houses children who would have committed criminal offences, instead of placing them with adults at state penitentiaries.The Juvenile Offenders Amendment Act, passed two years ago, makes provisions for Holding Centres for Juveniles. Section 20 (a) of the Act says that the Public Security Ministry may establish and maintain as many centres as may be necessary as the Holding Centres for Juveniles for the reception, care and custody of children and young persons under the orders of the court or for any other appropriate reasons as the Minister may determine.last_img read more

Region 3 residents to benefit from improved water – GWI

first_imgMany calls have been made to the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) by residents of Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) who were for a considerable period of time forced to use water that was of poor quality.However, on Friday, their calls were heard when the water company announced that it would be installing a total of eight mobile generators with an electrical ring system at three well sites, which would see the residents benefiting from an improved water supply.According to the Regional Divisional Manager, Martin Garrick, two of those generators are already prepared and are ready to be installed.Garrick highlighted that the quality of water was something that had been of interest to the water company and needed to be improved urgently.“The quality of the power is always questionable. What we did is oversize our units so that they can run at a lower voltage or the imbalance voltage that would come from the power company, they would not disrupt the service to the customers,” Garrick said.For 2016 and this year thus far, residents of the Region have, on a number of occasions, reached out to this news entity and other news entities to voice their concerns.One of the woes highlighted was that the water was of very poor quality, as indicated by the strange colour. On many occasions, the residents were also left without any running water as the area suffered from frequent low voltages.Garrick explained that the reason for the lack of water was low power at the stations which he said was “quite alarming” and contributed to numerous complaints of the residents.He said that the water company had to resize the units to address the imbalance and larger voltage tolerance from the power company. “So when you are supposed to get 415 volts, you getting 360; so we have resized our units and they are working at 380 volts, now you have continuous current so we have no break in service.”Residents of the Parfaite Harmonie area will soon benefit from 24-hour access once GPL supply is sufficient.The other areas that are soon to benefit is Meten-Meer-Zorg, Uitvulgt and Hubu (Parika) – all will benefit from a restructuring of their water system.The GWI will be embarking on four major projects in Region Three this year.  Some 20,000 residents are expected to benefit from the construction of the three new wells at Vergenoegen, Westminster and Pouderoyen.last_img read more

Fight leads to attempted murder charge

first_imgA Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) man, who reportedly attempted to kill his friend, was slapped with an attempted murder charged and appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.It is alleged that Donald Newton wounded his friend, Dwayne Fredericks, on September 1, 2016, at Mini Hall, Region Eight.On Tuesday, the court was told that the duo was engaged in a drinking session when a misunderstanding arose between the two men, leading to the incident. Further, the court was told that the parties are known to each other; sharing a close friendship and that the virtual complainant (VC) did not wish to offer evidence against Newton.According to the Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones, the VC had received lacerations to the left side of his neck, consequently losing a lot of blood.Fredericks, who was present at the court hearing, was advised to seek advice from the Prosecution with respect to his decision.The accused was released on 0,000 bail and the matter will continue at the Mahdia Magistrate’s Court on April 17.last_img read more

UN SG’s representative here to fulfil mandate – Harmon

first_imgBorder controversyMinister of State, Joseph Harmon on Thursday disclosed that the recent visit by the Personal Representative of the United Nations Secretary General in the Good Offices Process on the border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela is part of his mandate in resolving the issue.Ambassador Dag Havland Nylander and his delegation visited the State House on Wednesday evening where discussions were held with President David Granger and his team on the ongoing border controversy with neighbouring Venezuela.President David Granger meeting Ambassador Dag Havland Nylander and his delegation at State House on Wednesday evening when discussions were held on the ongoing border controversy with neighbouring VenezuelaAt the post-Cabinet press briefing, Minister Harmon updated the media on the meeting. According to Harmon, Ambassador Nylander’s visit is part of what is called his plan of action in relation to the mandate.“So, his visit here came shortly after his visit to Caracas in Venezuela and it was basically a fact-finding mission and the President (David Granger), after listening and talking, gave the assurance that Guyana would have the confidence in the capabilities of the person who was identified by the Secretary General to undertake this very important assignment and that we will continue to work with the United Nations to ensure that we have a favourable outcome,” Harmon related.Apart from Ambassador Nylander, the high-level UN delegation at Wednesday’s meeting included: Guillermo Kendall of the UN Department of Political Affairs, David Hutchinson from the UN Office of Legal Affairs and Juan Jeannet-Acre from the Policy and Mediation Division in the Department of Political Affairs.  They were accompanied by acting UN Resident Coordinator and the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Country Director, Martin Odiit.Meanwhile, also included in the Government team were: Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge; Minister Harmon; Guyana’s Ambassador to Venezuela, Cheryl Miles; Director General at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ambassador Audrey Waddell; foreign policy expert, Sir Shridath Ramphal in the role of adviser and legal consultant, Professor Payam Akhavan.Ambassador Nylander was appointed earlier this year to ensure the continuation of the Good Offices Process as laid out by the Secretary General until the end of 2017 with a strengthened mandate of mediation, with the understanding that “if by the end of 2017, the Secretary General concludes that no significant progress has been made towards arriving at a full agreement for the solution of the controversy, he will choose the International Court of Justice as the next means of settlement unless the Governments of Guyana and Venezuela jointly request that he refrain from doing so”.last_img read more

Man nabbed after throwing contrabands in Camp Street jail

first_imgA man who told Police he has no fixed place of abode will certainly find one at the Camp Street penitentiary after he was found throwing several contraband items into the compound of the Georgetown Prisons.The Camp Street PrisonIt was reported that around 21:30h on Monday, an alerted Police rank securing a section of the outer perimeter of the Georgetown Prison observed the 42-year-old labourer with a bulky bag.The man was subsequently seen swiftly throwing the bag over the north-eastern fence of the prison and attempted to flee the area. However, he was promptly arrested by the said officer, who immediately communicated what transpired.Shortly after, Prison Officers retrieved the bag and found it to contain a number of prohibited items inclusive of ten packs of cigarettes, a cellular phone and 793 grams of cannabis.The suspect was taken into police custody and is cooperating with investigators. He is likely to make an appearance in court sometime this week.last_img read more

Guyana taps into US$64M fund to tackle youth crime, violence

first_img– MoU signed with USAIDCommunities with a high rate of youth crime and violence in Guyana have been selected to benefit from the new four-year US$64 million Caribbean initiative, Youth Empowerment Services (YES) programme being implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).During the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that formalised the agreement with the Guyana Government on Thursday, Finance Minister Winston Jordan revealed the names of the communities that are to benefit from the initiative. They include Corriverton, East La Penitence, Sophia, Lodge, and East Ruimveldt.USAID Mission Director for the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) programme, Christopher Cushing hands over a copy of the MoU to Finance Minister Winston Jordan during a signing ceremony on Thursday at the Finance Ministry’s boardroom“These communities were selected based on the findings of studies, which show that they have the highest representations of high-risk behaviours such as incarceration, high levels of youth involvement in crime and violence, teenage pregnancy, youth unemployment, high numbers of drop-outs and significant use of drugs, among others,” the Minister explained.Jordan said the programme would help to prepare youths for employment by Government and civil society, and help to encourage entrepreneurship among them.“As we develop and roll out these programmes, work will be done simultaneously to guarantee that the stigma associated with self-employment and entrepreneurship is replaced with the need to foster innovation and creativity within our young people,” he said.The Minister also highlighted that this new initiative would build on the achievements made by the Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) project, which assisted in creating alternative opportunities for young people who were at risk of becoming involved in a life of crime.“The YES programme is expected to increase the institutional and technical capacity of Government agencies, civil society, Non-Governmental Organisations, as well as stakeholders in selected communities to reduce the risk that fuel youth crime, violence and discrimination,” he added.Jordan also commended the USAID for implementing the programme, describing it as a comprehensive tool, which would provide necessary interventions to correct the incidence of crime and violence.USAID’s Mission Director for the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, Chris Cushing also indicated that the YES programme was being financed because of the successes by the US-funded US$7.5 million SKYE programme, which provided at-risk youths with new opportunities to further their education, become gainfully employed and venture into small businesses which are now poised for long-term success.Cushing expressed optimism that the YES programme would make the youths resilient to crime and violence and also reduce the chances of them becoming perpetrators.“The project uses a community-centred and public health model for crime and violence prevention to identify, analyse and support project interventions. The project will collect data to understand where and why crime and violence is happening, and will also support juvenile justice reform.”The project will target countries in the eastern and southern Caribbean, but will be focusing especially on Guyana, St Vincent, and St Lucia, where it was found that the emerging and existing issues warranted the intervention. It consists of three components: the Community, Family, Youth Resilience Programme; the Juvenile Justice Reform Project; and Strengthening Evidence Based Decision Making.last_img read more

Govt to provide low-income homes for squatters

first_imgThe Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is currently engaging financial agencies, including the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to secure funding for low-cost housing in order to assist persons squatting on Government reserves. Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Valerie Adams-Patterson, has said the intention is to improve conditions under which the people live. Specific emphasis, she said, will be placed on Sophia and East and West Ruimveldt in Georgetown.“It makes no sense (for) you (to) remove a squatter and give them a piece of land. They are going to move the very shack they’re (now) living (in) to that location … You are just transferring a shantytown from one area to the next, and that is not what this Government wants for our people… So my belief is that we must be able to have some low-cost houses built – whether what form we use, self-help or others – we build the house and then we relocate that squatter,” Minister Patterson was quoted as saying in a Government Information Agency (GINA) report. It is the view of the CH&PA that the people’s standard of living must be raised, and people must be provided with all the necessary amenities, in keeping with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of ensuring access to safe and affordable housing, Minister Adams-Patterson explained.From data collected, the CH&PA is looking at the relocation of close to 12,000 persons. These include people from East and West Ruimveldt, Sophia, and Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara. However, this figure accounts for only those persons who have been squatting for a certain number of years, not those who continue to build on squatting areas or those who rebuild on areas previous cleared of squatters.Minister Adams-Patterson made it clear that those persons who are not on the CH&PA inventory will be served notice to dismantle and remove.  “Since we’ve been saying that we will be relocating those persons, there has been a mad rush for squatting, and overnight some shacks are being erected. (But if) you are not on the inventory, you will be served contravention notice (which instructs you) to dismantle; and if you don’t (dismantle), we will dismantle you,” the Minister has warned. Industry, East Coast Demerara, is one of the areas identified to have those houses built, because it is in close proximity to Sophia and East and West Ruimveldt, Minister Adams-Patterson explained.She said it is the intention of the CH&PA to have this project included in its 2018 budget in December, so that works can begin early next year. Whilst the CH&PA has been working to relocate persons living in zero-tolerance areas, (on government reserves) the authority has also been working to regularise a number of areas, including Angoy’s Avenue (Cow Dam) which is the largest squatter settlement in Region Six, and has approximately 1,010 lots.last_img read more

Guyana’s Steel Orchestra sharing expertise in Barbados

first_imgWhile participating in Carifesta XIII in Barbados, Guyana’s National Steel Orchesta shared their expertise with a group of Barbadian students, while conducting a training session at a local high school on Friday.Students of the Belleville Grammar School, Kingston Terrace, St Michael, Barbados cashed in on a full day of steel pan classes as the Guyanese contingent embarked on a mission to keep the art-form alive on the island by offering practical insights and hands on experiences of how to play the steel pan.Heading the team of Guyanese steel pan players was the National Music Director, Andrew Tyndall, who expressed delight in the execution of the training sessions which allowed for the national orchestra to impart their knowledge and skills to students of the hosting nation.Guyanese award-winning steel pan player and music teacher, Hanani Ben Lewi leading a session during the steel pan training in BarbadosIn doing so, Tyndall outlined the objectives of the one-day initiative, stating that, “It’s just to offer the children further exposure to steel pan and to have them experience the splendour of music from the Guyana perspective.”Adding to that, Nicole Dummett, a Co-director and instructor at the private institution, shared her thoughts on the mission and thanked Guyanese players for sharing, adding this event to their Carifesta schedule.On that note, she relayed, “It is a great opportunity to work with Guyana and we are grateful for it. We are excited and would appreciate any opportunity moving forward to work with Guyana and its National School of Music via the Ministry of Education to offer this course as part of our curriculum.”Meanwhile, Guyanese Ramon Dummett, who migrated to Barbados, is currently on a mission to revive the local Steel Orchestra.As such, Dummett welcomed the training session with the students and further noted, “We can consider this fun music workshop a new alliance between Guyana and Barbados where the sky is the limit in regard to Caribbean integration through music.”last_img read more

ECD man dies in early morning accident

first_imgThirty-six-year-old Terrence Bowen of Lot 62 Atlanticville, East Coast Demerara lost control of the vehicle he was driving along the Liliendaal Public Road, East Coast Demerara during the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and it slammed into the bridge of the Ocean View Conference Centre, killing him.Lone occupant of motor car PVV 7104 at time of the tragedy, Bowen was allegedly proceeding at a fast rate east along the northern carriageway of this road when the vehicle crashed into the bridge. The resultant impact shattered the front windscreen of the vehicle, and Bowen was flung into the compound of the Centre, sustaining severe injuries in the process.Rushed to the GPHC by public-spirited persons, Terrence Bowen was pronounced dead on arrival.Meanwhile, the driver held in connection with the Goed Fortuin fatal accident at WBD on August 26th, and the driver held in connection with the Better Hope fatal accident of August 28th will each be arraigned in court today on causing death by dangerous driving charges.last_img read more