Verizons Droid X officially gets Gingerbread May 27

first_img Citation: Verizon’s Droid X officially gets Gingerbread May 27 (2011, May 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Verizon Wireless This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Owners of Motorola’s Droid X have been patiently waiting for the Gingerbread release in the hopes of fixing some issues that have been plaguing Motorola’s Droid X since it was introduced July of 2010.Some of the problems Verizon claims will be fixed include:• Improve contact syncing from multiple accounts• Email pushes now work when using Exchange Active Sync• POP3/IMAP emails now show the correct date stamp• Camera’s auto-focus feature improved for low-light photographyAndroid 2.3 will provide several improvements for the Droid x device, some of which include:• Download Manager App• Updated calendar options• App groups• Dock icons• New user interface and color schemeRooted phones will need to be un-rooted before you accept the update for Android 2.3. The updated file size is approximately 112Mb and would be advisable to download it using your Wi-Fi connection if you have an unreliable 3G connection.For a complete list of enhancements and improvements see the link below for additional information. Android 2.3 Gingerbread expected in the next few days © 2010 Explore further Verizon is officially Gingerbread this Friday; software version 4.5.596.MB810.Verizon.en.US. ( — The long waited Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) has been officially announced by Verizon Wireless today. Version 4.5.596.MB810.Verizon.en.US will start getting pushed out to users this Friday.last_img read more

Some HTC Android phones found vulnerable to WiFi password leak

first_img Verizon Wireless to start selling first 4G phone © 2011 ( — The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (U-CERT) has issued a warning to users of some HTC Android phones regarding a security vulnerability that has been found. The warning pertains to 802.1X WiFi user information and SSID data that can be viewed by rouge applications, taking advantage of a weakness in the OEM Android build of certain HTC phones. Citation: Some HTC Android phones found vulnerable to WiFi password leak (2012, February 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img HTC Desire HD Explore further Affected phones allow 802.1X WiFi information to be seen by applications that have access rights to WiFi information stored on the phone. This means errant applications could find their way to a stored SSID (Service Set Identifier – an identifier attached to the header of packets sent to a wide area network), login names as well as passwords. Also, should the phone connect to the Internet, identified information could then be sent back to those that created the application and who are looking for such information. And if the phone also connects to a corporate network, the vulnerability could lead to data being stolen.According to U-CERT, the phones at risk are:Desire HD (both “ace” and “spade” board revisions) – Versions FRG83D, GRI40Glacier – Version FRG83Droid Incredible – Version FRF91Thunderbolt 4G – Version FRG83DSensation Z710e – Version GRI40Sensation 4G – Version GRI40Desire S – Version GRI40EVO 3D – Version GRI40EVO 4G – Version GRI40HTC, a Taiwanese manufacturer of Smartphones, has had other security issues with their phones in just the past few months, and according to some unofficial sources, this particular vulnerability was discovered by Chris Hessing, a senior engineer with CloudPath Networks. Google and HTC were both apparently notified about the vulnerability last September after it was discovered. Since that time, both have been hard at creating a fix, which is now available to worried owners at HTC’s support site.Google has also reportedly performed a full scan on all of the applications available for download in the Market, and has found none that have tried to take advantage of the vulnerability, indicating that it’s possible nobody but Hessing and workers at HTC and Google were even aware of the vulnerability, which means despite the lapse by HTC, it’s likely no one was actually harmed by the problem.last_img read more

To DDR3 Thanks for the memory but time for DDR4

first_img Using 30nm class technology, Samsung develops industry’s first DDR4DRAM Explore further ( — Micron Technology is polishing up its DDR4 memory modules, “sampling” the modules and getting feedback from major customers. The company plans to reach volume production later this year. In brief, Micron is getting ready to bring its DDR4 DRAM modules for market This means the computer industry can expect a new memory standard to make a difference across a range of computing devices, from enterprise computing to so called ultra-thins and tablets. Boise Idaho based Micron this week announced the first piece of its portfolio of DDR4-based modules as the 4-gigabit (Gb) DDR4 x8 part. The announcement said the complete portfolio of DDR4-based modules will include RDIMMs, LRDIMMs, 3DS, SODIMMs and UDIMMs (standard and ECC). Citation: To DDR3: Thanks for the memory but time for DDR4 (2012, May 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from For the “soldered down space,” said Micron, the x8, x16, and x32 components will be available, with initial speeds up to 2400 megatransfers per second (MT/s), increasing to the JEDEC-defined 3200 MT/s. Observers assume that the DDR4 modules will first appear in enterprise machines with ultrathins and tablets up next. Advantages will be twofold; in terms of power savings and performance enhancements. Beyond Boise, one piece of unfinished business is still to be finalized, the JEDEC definition for DDR4. JEDEC stands for Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council and publication of the specification is awaited. JEDEC apparently intends to publish quite soon. According to JEDEC, “With publication forecasted for mid-2012, JEDEC DDR4 will represent a significant advancement in performance with reduced power usage as compared to previous generation technologies.“JEDEC said per-pin data rates, over time, will be 1.6 giga transfers per second to 3.2 giga transfers per second. With DDR3 exceeding its expected peak of 1.6 GT/s, it is likely that higher performance levels will be proposed for DDR4 in the future. Also planned in the new standard are a “pseudo open drain interface on the DQ bus, a geardown mode for 2667 Mhz data rates and beyond, bank group architecture, internally generated VrefDQ and improved training modes.” JEDEC will host a DDR4 Technical Workshop following the publication of the standard. Micron’s DDR4 technology was co-developed with Taiwan-based Nanya Technology. Founded in 1995, Nanya does research and development and design, as well as manufacturing, of DRAM products. In 2008, Nanya and Micron entered a joint technology development agreement. While the JEDEC publication will be complete midyear, Micron is wasting no time, with plans to reach volume production of its products in Q4 2012.Commenting on what to expect with DDR4, Nebojsa Novakovic, writing in VR-Zone, said DDR4 has better ways of handling parity and ECC errors than previous memory types, and it can provide recovery from both command and parity errors without crashing the system. Nonetheless, any real deployment will happen in 2014, he said, with AMD and Intel platform support of the new memory. © 2012 Phys.Org This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Study reveals a way to improve chances of winning at rockpaperscissors

first_img Want to win in the NHL? Score first—but not until the third Explore further © 2014 Citation: Study reveals a way to improve chances of winning at rock-paper-scissors (2014, May 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( —A trio of researchers at Zhejiang University in China has found a way for players to improve their odds of winning when playing the hand game rock-paper-scissors. In their paper they’ve uploaded to the preprint server arXiv, the researchers describe a field study they undertook with a large crowd of volunteers and how it revealed the secret. Scientists in many fields have studied game theory for thousands of years, some to gain military or social advantage, others to better understand human psychology. One game stands out, the hand game rock-paper-scissors, likely because of its simplicity, and because it can be used to make group decisions. Plus, it’s universal, requiring no language skills or preconceived social notions—therein lies its inherent beauty. Also, it’s supposed to be fair, with every player having a 1 in 3 chance of winning any given round. Prior research has suggested that such odds are the case, but now, it appears the experts may have been wrong. In this new effort, the team in China has found that due to human emotion and decision-making strategy, there is a way to better the odds when playing.To find it, the researchers recruited 300 volunteers from the university and divided them up into 60 groups and had them play the game. Winners were given different amounts of money to make sure that all players were trying to win. As the horde played, swapping teams periodically, the researchers filmed the action and afterwards, studied the tape. They found that players had a slight tendency to repeat a wining throw, and, to give up on a throw if they lost using it more than twice in a row. That meant, the researchers report, that in order to improve their chances of winning, all a player had to do was throw down a gesture that would beat the previous winner or throw down a gesture that would beat one of the other two gestures a prior loser had not just used.The researchers note that such predictable play is easy to explain—people naturally continue with a winning strategy and avoid those that don’t work. They call it the “win-stay, lose-shift” strategy, which because most of the people playing use it, results in any given player winning a third of the time—but, not if they know about the strategy used by their opponents, and their opponents don’t. Because the analysis came after the game playing, the researchers didn’t have the opportunity to test their theory that they’d found a winning strategy, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, it’s likely people all over the world will be testing it for them.center_img The Rock-Paper-Scissors game. (A) Each matrix entry specifies the row action’s payoff. (B) Non-transitive dominance relations (R beats S, P beats R, S beats P) among the three actions. (C) The social state plane for a population of size N = 6. Each filled circle denotes a social state (nR, nP , nS); the star marks the centroid c0; the arrows indicate three social state transitions at game rounds t = 1, 2, 3. Credit: arXiv:1404.5199 [physics.soc-ph] Journal information: arXiv More information: Social cycling and conditional responses in the Rock-Paper-Scissors game, arXiv:1404.5199 [physics.soc-ph] humans make decisions in non-cooperative strategic interactions is a challenging question. For the fundamental model system of Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) game, classic game theory of infinite rationality predicts the Nash equilibrium (NE) state with every player randomizing her choices to avoid being exploited, while evolutionary game theory of bounded rationality in general predicts persistent cyclic motions, especially for finite populations. However, as empirical studies on human subjects have been relatively sparse, it is still a controversial issue as to which theoretical framework is more appropriate to describe decision making of human subjects. Here we observe population-level cyclic motions in a laboratory experiment of the discrete-time iterated RPS game under the traditional random pairwise-matching protocol. The cycling direction and frequency are not sensitive to the payoff parameter a. This collective behavior contradicts with the NE theory but it is quantitatively explained by a microscopic model of win-lose-tie conditional response without any adjustable parameter. Our theoretical calculations reveal that this new strategy may offer higher payoffs to individual players in comparison with the NE mixed strategy, suggesting that high social efficiency is achievable through optimized conditional response. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Research pair create twoatom molecules that are more than a thousand times

first_img Explore further © 2016 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Heiner Saßmannshausen et al. Observation of Rydberg-Atom Macrodimers: Micrometer-Sized Diatomic Molecules, Physical Review Letters (2016). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.083401ABSTRACTLong-range metastable molecules consisting of two cesium atoms in high Rydberg states have been observed in an ultracold gas. A sequential three-photon two-color photoassociation scheme is employed to form these molecules in states, which correlate to np(n+1)s dissociation asymptotes. Spectral signatures of bound molecular states are clearly resolved at the positions of avoided crossings between long-range van der Waals potential curves. The experimental results are in agreement with simulations based on a detailed model of the long-range multipole-multipole interactions of Rydberg-atom pair states. We show that a full model is required to accurately predict the occurrence of bound Rydberg macrodimers. The macrodimers are distinguished from repulsive molecular states by their behavior with respect to spontaneous ionization and possible decay channels are discussed. Physicists have been interested in the properties of macromolecules for many years because they believe studying them will illuminate the fundamental properties of molecules in general. Prior research has shown that large, two-atom molecules should be possible if they were put into a Rydberg state—in which the outer electron exists in a high quantum state, allowing it to orbit farther than normal from the nucleus—and thus allowing for the creation of molecules thousands of times larger than conventional diatomic molecules such as H2. In this new effort, the researchers sought to test assumptions made about such molecules by actually building some. They did so by firing a laser at a pair of chilled cesium atoms to excite them and then by firing another laser with a smaller amount of energy to bring them into a Rydberg state. To make sure they had succeeded in making the large molecule, they used a device to detect that the ions that had been created during the process decayed to the lower Rydberg state, releasing the energy that had ionized the other atom. By actually creating the molecules, the pair were able to test many of the theories and assumptions about them made by others in the field.The team reports that their experiments confirm that some of the theories describing the behavior of macrodimer states were correct, but that others were not. Notably, their work has also advanced the understanding of macrodimers, which could help in a wide variety of research efforts. The researchers also note that the use of such molecules in quantum computers does seem feasible—if qubits were encoded in atoms in a Rydberg state, they note, the lack of force between them could present a more precise way to carry out operations than that used in other approaches. Distant partners. In this sketch, two cesium atoms in high Rydberg states form a weakly bound molecule about 1 micrometer across, comparable to the size of typical bacteria. Credit: APS/Alan Stonebrakercenter_img Physicists first to create new molecule with record-setting dipole moment (—A pair of physicists with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland has found a way to create very large diatomic molecules, and in so doing, have proved some of the theories about such molecules to be correct. In their paper published in Physical Review Letters, Johannes Deiglmayr and Heiner Saßmannshausen describe their experiments and results and why they believe such molecules may have a future in quantum computing. Citation: Research pair create two-atom molecules that are more than a thousand times bigger than typical diatomic molecules (2016, August 26) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: Physical Review Letterslast_img read more

Video gaga from today

first_imgPaintings and sculptures are everywhere these days. How about art captured in video? Well, that’s what you get to watch at Video Wednesday II, a three-day festival that will bring together artistes capturing the different techniques of vidoegraphy. Curated by Gayatri Sinha, this festival will compile 35 videos by emerging practitioners of video art. ‘Our intention is to give video an absolute primacy, to trace and share its different creative strains in India,’ said the curator. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Some of the participating artists are Vivan Sundaram, Vishal K. Dar, Archana  Hande, Jitish Kallat, Sonia Khurana, Sheba Chhachhi, BM Kamath, Sarnath Banerjee and Atul Bhalla. ‘The video art will be a collection of free clips and pictures which are available freely in the internet for downloading. These fragments are then put together to make sense into the narrative to form an idea of history, and the way we look at Internet for information,’ said Dar. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix’It creates an impact on how we look at information and the stream of clips that impacts the video. For example, the paintings of Venus, the imagination and recreation of the landing on moon and how it films a distant idea of history is to watch out for,’ he adds.Atul Bhalla, whose video Alaap to the river will be displayed, said: ‘My work is on the alaap, which forms the beginning of classical music. The video has images of a river in the city and the alaap goes on while it never reaches the raga,’ said Bhalla.’I work a lot on waterbodies, and I have shown here how Yamuna although completes the city, never flows completely into the city,’ he adds. Video Wednesday II uses diverse techniques including animation, documentary and performative video, bringing in humour, surrealism, critique and autobiography conveying a series of distinct strategies and styles. Archana Hande’s Of Panorama, a 10-minute single channel video, is based on animated silent film. Neha Choksi’s Minds to Lose, Sarnath Banerjee’s Boabdil, Vishal K Dar’s Fire Walk with Me are some of the videos that will be shown at the festival. Check them out.DETAILAt: Gallery Espace, 16 New Friends ColonyWhen: 21 to 23 NovemberTimings: 3pm to 9pmlast_img read more

Charity for Parity

first_imgA candid conversation with Tarun Shienh unveils his human side as he exudes an urgent sense to do something for society. Tarun Shienh a hard core businessman also known as ‘The Real Estate Guru’ has always taken time out for the betterment of society, with the motive to do something for the underprivileged.He is also known for his passion to stand by any individual, who is in need.  His charismatic personality makes him a one of the youngest and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the real estate industry. He has reached this position by sheer hard work and dedication, which is what differentiates him from other entrepreneurs in this industry. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Shienh is a name to reckon with in the world of Indian real estate Industry and he has built up a team to help the society with any problems pertaining to real estate. The team solves queries of minimum 700 – 1000 people during a day, through emails.For these aggressive efforts and for providing an innovative platform to the society, he has been bestowed with the title of Real Estate Guru by the masses.  His efforts are also recognised by some leading organisations and bodies. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixBut his passion to help and work for the upliftment does not stop there. He wants to give back to the society. He is a true leader who is not just passionate about making real estate sector an organised sector but has taken steps forward for the upliftment of the unprivileged sections of the society. Recently, inspite of his busy schedule he visited a village near by Eta, where he discussed about their problems based on social and economic front, and promised them to take forward their issues. After spending some time with these children he realised that this was just a small step, with which he could bring smile on their faces but still there was a long road ahead to actually work for their upliftment. He is working very closely with NGO Lakshyam  for the education of the underprivileged students, as he thoroughly believes that for the growth and prosperity of our country, these are the bricks, which have to be best laid.  Over time he has supported many events to raise funds for the education of underprivileged and disabled students. Apart from this, he is also working closely with organisations to raise funds through charitable events for cancer patients.Talking to Millennium Post about his passion for charity Shienh says, ‘Being an entrepreneur and citizen of India, it is my first responsibility to help the society in all ways I can. I am sure our steps would help in providing better education and would give shelter to these young children.’ ‘I feel good when I do something for the needy or for the society, and I feel we all should join hands to work for the upliftment of these underprivileged sectors as a team…to make it sona ki chidiya again. And for this it is very important that we give education to each and every child of our country. I assure that I shall always stand beside such causes where we can facilitate these young kids with education and provide them with basic necessities for a better future,’ he adds. When asked about his title of  ‘Real Estate Guru’, he laughed and said, ‘I am not that sort of Guru, its faith of my team and my customers that they always take my advice for investment and other queries related to industry perspective, that’s why I am a guru for them.’ When further asked what makes him different from other real estate entrepreneurs, he says that, ‘I am one of them, but it is just that I believe in transparency and direct dealing with customers providing them complete solutions. Our aim is to facilitate the customers with proper guidance to help them achieve their dream homes.’  Clearly Shienh has big plans ahead and the world needs to watch out!last_img read more

The contemporary way of celebration

first_imgThe Contemporary Arts Week 2014 is an initiative by Friends of Art back with their second innings to enthrall music and art aficionados. The event is spread over 10 days of excitement with 35 events including new entries such as photography, visual art, and spoken word and improve theatre. Established and budding artistes will exhibit their passion in the form of art, puppetry, dance, music, stand-up comedy, drama, clowning etc.This initiative is a conscious effort to educate the audiences by bringing together artistes and likeminded people under one roof to engage creatively by appreciating the talent in different genre – dance, music, theatre, visual arts etc. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The event will be held from 12 September till 21 September at multiple venues like Shiros, India Habitat Centre, Summerhouse café, Alliance Francaise, Satya Sai Auditorium, Zorba  and Epicentre, Gurgaon etc.Reining into its 2nd year the week will witness some soul rendering performances by artistes such as Parikrama, Adi and Suhail (Coke Studio fame), The Danceworx, Advaita, The Chrysalis Project, Santosh Nair (Sadhya Dance Co., Faridkot, Dilip Shankar, Gyandev Singh(National Awardee) and Apurv Gupta  and the list goes on. So head over!last_img read more

The next Spidey wont be white

first_imgThe upcoming Spider-Man movie will reportedly feature an African-American or Latino protagonist, instead of a white man, if a revelation by a film journo is to be believed. The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider, during a recent episode of Meet the Movie Press, spilled the beans. “I’m telling you right now, Spider-Man’s not going to be white. I’m 95% sure. Spider-Man’s going to be most likely black. But there’s a chance he could also be Latino…”Sneider said.last_img

Santal beats

first_imgSome of the finest musical traditions and puppetry forms that originated and flourished in the tribal heartland of India have now travelled to the capital city, as the National Museum (NM) is holding an exhibition on documentation of the cultural heritage of the Santal tribal community. The exhibition, Cadence and Counterpoint: Documenting Santal Musical Traditions, is a collaboration between the NM, Crafts Museum (Delhi), Museum Rietberg (Zurich, Switzerland) and Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (Bhopal). Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The 32-day-long event commencing on Wednesday brings into focus aspects of the intangible and tangible heritage of the Santal community, especially their musical traditions. It has been jointly curated by Ruchira Ghose, Mushtak Khan, Krittika Narula, Marie-Eve Celio-Scheurer and Johannes Beltz.Significantly, it is the first time the NM is holding an exhibition that can be interpreted by the visually-impaired as well. For this, the museum has collaborated with UNESCO and Saksham, a Delhi- based organisation working for people with disabilities, to offer interpretation through a braille booklet, tactile graphics and an audio-guide. A major feature of the exhibition is three objects related to the Santal musical tradition like — Banam, Tamak and Jadupatua. An important part of the exhibition is the documentation of Santal traditions.Where: National MuseumWhen: On till May 2last_img read more