Paco Jemez on Barcelona, relegation and sticking to his ideas

first_img Barça play Sporting, Betis and Espanyol in the final weeks – would you prefer it that title race remains open?  From outside it’s hard to know what’s going on. I don’t know the details, but it’s clear they’re not reaching their objectives.  Our obligation is stay up. And my team is prepared for everything. We only got 15 points in the first half of the season – now we are OK. But the deficit of points means we need to go on another good run to save ourselves in advance [of the Levante game].  Upd. at 19:07 Thursday’s game against Barça – is it an extra motivation to break their unbeaten run?  Rayo Vallecano are on a seven game unbeaten run. It may not have anything to do with it, but the team has improved since it was eliminated from the Copa del Rey… Without doubt, your style of play is attractive for supporters. From distance, what do you make of Real Madrid’s delicate situation?  CET It’s not a coincidence. In football, those who believe in coincidences don’t have any idea. You have to keep in mind that we are a small team. It’s no harm to have two competitions, but we had injuries and it was a small problem trying to balance the two. Still, to progress in the Copa would have been a pleasure, but it’s true we may have suffered more in La Liga.  Despite the obstacles put in front of him, Rayo Vallecano manager Paco Jemez demonstrates year after year that if you are true to your ideas, you are likely to be recompensated for them eventually. This season, for the umpteenth time, the Canary Islander received a lot of critics at the start of the season because of his daring style of play. However, the statistics continue to back up a manager who has to start from zero at the start of each season.  Hombre, all teams are going to try! They are the best team in the world and no-one’s able to get their hands on them. Hardly anyone counts on these three points, so to get them would be a plus.  Some people forget that, in the end, this [football] is a spectacle. So you don’t want to stick your neck out… Barça have the obligation to compete in all their games. If not, it would committing adultery on La Liga. But I don’t want to speculate.  Messi said that the relationship between the players helps on the pitch. In exchange, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t agree… Toni Juanmarti Finally, will this Barça side win until Messi gets tired?  It’s tight at the bottom – would you sign now to have your future in play in the final game against Levante at home?  This Barça is lethal on the counter. Is it best to wait for them further back?  It’s that there’s no absolute truth, each person has their own way.  Each person needs certain things, we are all different. There are some who need bond, go to dinners… others, maybe not, but on the pitch everyone wants the same things.  Each season your team seems to specialise in finishing strongly – what’s that down to?  Each year we have 15 or 16 new players. It’s as if we are starting from zero. We get going later than other clubs because we need a certain amount of time for the new players to adapt to the mechanics of the club. The club has to improve in this sense. It [would be more] normal to change four or five players and to maintain the majority of the squad, to have continuity…  We play football. Our way of playing is to be happy and to try and score goals. That doesn’t have to mean that we receive more goals than others, but, yes, we are true to our idea and to to our fans.  I don’t know. But we are going to play like always. I don’t plan to change absolutely anything.  02/03/2016 I don’t think so. It’s a team that has to compete for everything and they’ve already left two trophies behind. I’m sure they’d want to be fighting for La Liga.  Will it benefit them in the Champions League to be out of the title race?  Your team has conceded the most goals in La Liga, but no-one above ninth has scored more… Uy! I’m a really bad fortune-teller [laughs]. Messi still has years ahead of him. And after him, I don’t know if there will be another Messi. For the moment, Barça have to enjoy the one that they have, even though it’s clear everything comes to an end.last_img

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