Host families sought for collegiate summer baseball league players

first_imgThe Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League (ABCCL) is looking for host families in Monmouth and Ocean counties for June and July. Anyone interested in hosting a player may call the ABCCL at (732) 500-0634 for additional information. Twenty-one former ABCCL players have signed professional contracts. Each host family provides their guest with a place to sleep. The guest joins the family at meals when he is present, but he will miss at least 50 percent of family meals because of baseball games, practice, work and social activities. He will be responsible for his own meals for those times. The guest will have his own car, or a carpool will be set up to take him to work and his games. Many of the league’s players were all-state athletes in several sports, and they will be happy to teach any children in the host family some of the finer points of the various sports. Guests are between 18 and 21 years of age and are serious student-athletes from universities who were recommended to the league by their coaches. Each guest has a scholarship and is in New Jersey to play competitive baseball to improve his skills and prepare him for his next season. Baseball and work will keep him very busy. The guest will do his own laundry and will need to use his host family’s washer and dryer three times a week to keep his uniform clean. If the host family is going away on vacation, the organization will provide temporary accommodations for their guest until the family returns. Guests will arrive at the end of May and leave the first week in August.last_img

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