Jackson County Airport Upgrades

first_imgJackson County AirportConstruction on a major upgrade is expected to start this spring at the Jackson County Airport. Operations Manager Jim Rowell explains the upcoming replacement of the aviation fuel system. “Each Year the Federal Government gives the State of North Carolina block grant money or non primary entitlement money for us, that’s $150,000 a year, we have to match that 10%, which would be $16,000. You can hold on to the money for 4 years. After that time, if you’ve not spent that money it will go to someone else. We’ve held on to that money and took bids about 2 weeks ago.” NHM was the lowest bidder of the three. NHM was selected to provide the work which is expected to get underway in April. The total bid was $539,000 of which 90% will be from the FAA and state airport improvement fund. The project will also include the expansion of a ramp to make it more convenient for larger airplanes to refuel.last_img

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